Get them while they’re hot (or cold): Heatmaps of property values in Ireland now available

As I note in the companion post to this one, today sees the launch of the fiftieth Daft Report, with a commentary by yours truly. To mark the occasion, and to mark five years of Ireland’s property market crash, and the All-Island Research Observatory at NUI Maynooth, have launched a property value heatmap tool. […]

Ireland’s property market – past, present and future

Over the past month, I’ve given a couple of talks on the Irish economy and the Irish property market in particular. While not exactly following the model of the “Single Transferable Speech” adopted by some, there was understandably – given the similar topics – a good deal of overlap between talks given to the public at […]

Would you rather tax gardens or jobs? The Site Value Tax debate

Recently, reading the Irish Independent has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me – one day I’m practically doing the government’s job for it for free, the next I’m guilty of elder abuse. By way of context, in late January, I presented at the Dublin Economics Workshop Conference on Irish Economic Policy. Specifically, I […]

The economics of flooding in Ireland

Yesterday saw some of the worst flooding in Dublin in recent memory. Today’s post examines the economics behind the floods, in particular what economics can tell us about these events and what they can tell us about economics. Building on doctoral research, estimates are presented of the effect that flood-risk, living near a river, has on house prices and on rents. The baseline appears to be a 5% cost for those living near rivers.

Next Generation Ireland: Ideas for the years ahead

This week sees the launch of “Next Generation Ireland”, a book bringing together ten emerging Irish researchers across a range of fields. In this post, I go through what I have learnt from my experience editing the book, about challenges as diverse as engaging our Diaspora, climate change and Ireland’s foreign policy.

War as an economic leveller – evidence from 1910-1950

Last week, this blog won its second award, “Best in Blogging” at the 2010 Digital Media Awards. It’s an apposite time, therefore, to do a little bit of stock-taking. This post thanks those who’ve made the blog what is – especially the readership! – before launching version 2.0, which features research. The first research item presented is the Impact of World War On Labour Market Inequality: Insights from the Building Industry.




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