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Next Generation Ireland: Ideas for the years ahead

  • Tara ,

    Hi Ronan,

    Congratulations on the book – it looks fascinating.

    One point I would make on the environmental side of things is that only carbon is mentioned. There are plenty of other resource issues that need to be considered other than carbon emissions. Are other issues discussed in the book?

    • John Mack ,

      Thank you for focusing on the future, and for pointing out the importance of learning from the Ireland’s mistakes. Especially important is the need to reorganize how the country works around the five economic hubs.

      As my War of Independence parents used to say: “We were forced to be rebels, we chose to be nation builders.” Of course they said this great disappointment. Too many wanted to live off the relay of rebellion while neglecting sound nation building.

      • Elwyn ,

        “The question we really need to tackle is what can we put in place – as other countries such as India and Israel have done – that will create a meaningful bond between Ireland and its Diaspora.”

        Time for Birthright Ireland?

        • Laura ,

          Neutrality is not a “silly notion” to those that genuinely believe in it (I don’t but thats not the point). It is tied to the comparatively weak position of Ireland millitarily and a fear of colonial style bases being built in Ireland – something that those in rural garrison areas fought very hard to put an end to.

          As for the notion of politics as a mass system of councillors – much of this is the result of a failure of arbitration in terms of state services. Public representatives are used as a point of contact (albeit influential) in the hope of course that they can “make things happen.” This is partly a failure of communications (i.e. knowing the appropriate contact points), a failure in implementation (processes frequently just stop dead – health a particularly notorious example) and an open door of tolerance towards political interference in the mechanisms of local government and state services that makes the former 2 acceptable. Essentially this kind of low grade corruption could be wiped out overnight by simple legislation criminalising public representatives from attempting to interfere with public processes. But I could hardly see that happening in the environment in which we live.

          • taipeir ,

            • Ronan Lyons ,

              Hi taipeir,
              From what I’m told, it’ll be available as an ebook hopefully by the end of next week. Thanks for the comment, and the interest in the book,


              • Taipeir ,

                Hi Ronan,

                Just browsing and saw your reply today, well over a year later! Will check it out and if available for download may purchase, thanks. I’m interested in new ideas as it’s clear to me many countries including Ireland need to shake up the way they do things. I’m based in Taiwan and it is also under immense pressure to adjust it’s education and industrial system. Change is accelerating and we had better get on board.

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