Ronan Lyons | Personal Website
Ronan Lyons | Personal Website


Below is a list of publications, working papers and work-in-progress projects. For an overview of my research interests, click here. My academic CV is available here and more detail on particular pieces of research I’ve written or co-written are here.

Publications (most recent at the top)

Working Papers (roughly by expected completion date)

  • Ronan C. Lyons, 2014. “Inside a bubble and crash: Evidence from the valuation of amenities“, Trinity Economic Papers tep0513.
  • Ronan C. Lyons, 2014. “Price Signals and Bid-Ask Spreads in an Illiquid Market: The Case of Residential Property in Ireland, 2006-2011“, Trinity Economic Papers tep0613.
  • Brian Higgins & Ronan C. Lyons, 2015. “Paying for free education: The relationship between house prices and schools in Ireland”, full paper by late 2015. Sample media coverage here, here and here.
  • Ronan C. Lyons, 2015. “A housing price index for Dublin, 1900-2015”, presented at EHA 2015 and at various departmental/institutional workshop, full paper by late 2015.
  • Eleanor Denny & Ronan C. Lyons, 2015. “What determines discount rates? Experimental evidence on attitudes to green capital”. This paper was partly funded by the IRC New Foundations scheme 2013/2014.
  • Richard S. Grossman, Masami Imai, Ronan C. Lyons & Kevin H. O’Rourke, 2015. “Long-run patterns and shifts in wealth – Insights from Irish equities since 1825”, presented at EHS 2015 and WEHC 2015.
  • Brian Higgins & Ronan C. Lyons, 2016. “The impact of urban rail on house prices: evidence from Dublin’s new light rail”.
  • Ronan C. Lyons & Kevin H. O’Rourke, 2016. “War, deglobalization and depression: Returns to skill, 1910-1950”.
  • Ronan C. Lyons & John Muellbauer, 2016. “The house price equation: Evidence from Ireland since 1975”.
  • Ronan C. Lyons, “Austerity & The Housing Market” in John McHale et al (eds.), Debating Austerity, 2016 (RIA).

On-going Projects (no particular order)

  • The slope of the demand curve for housing: evidence from beyond the grave!
  • Historical House Prices in North America (H2PINA). This was one of the top ranked projects across Trinity College, of the 110 submissions made to the PATHFINDER programme in early 2015. The funding of €20,000 is being used to hire a Research Assistant to gather micro-data on historical house prices in the US and Canada from newspaper listings.
  • The impact of credit conditions on house prices: evidence from the Irish bubble.
  • Moving, listing and housing market outcomes. (Joint with Rachel Ngai & Kevin Sheedy, LSE)
  • Flood risk and house prices in Ireland. (Joint with Francesco Pilla, TCD)
  • Discrimination, sorting and the value of land. (Joint with Amine Ouzad, INSEAD/NYU-AD, and Philip Neary, RHUL)

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