Welcome to my website. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, where my primary research areas are housing markets, urban economics, and economic history. I am particularly interested in long-run housing markets, in order to better understand current housing experiences such as rapidly increasing housing costs in many high-income cities. You can find out more about my research either here or at my profiles on RePEc or Google Scholar. In addition, I am a Research Associate at the Spatial Economics Research Centre in LSE and author of the Daft.ie Reports on Ireland’s sale and rental housing markets. I am also a Board member of the HEA, Honorary Secretary of SSISI, and on the organising committee of DEW.

I am an active contributor to the policy debate, especially on the topic housing in Ireland. Most of the articles I publish either in my weekly column for the Sunday Independent or as commentaries for the Daft.ie Report are subsequently archived here. I am also engaged by a number of organisations each year, private and public, for public speaking or for bespoke consultancy. If that is of interest, please contact me. Students looking for materials relating to modules I teach should look for the relevant module on mymodule.tcd.ie.

With the Trinity Online Education team, I also run an online course in the Economics of the Property Market. The course is aimed both at professionals, including policymakers, who work day-to-day with housing but who may not have the economics background, and at the general public.