Ronan Lyons | Personal Website


Welcome to my website. I am an Associate Professor in Economics at Trinity College Dublin, where my primary research areas are housing markets, urban economics, and economic history. I am particularly interested in long-run housing markets, in order to better understand current housing experiences such as rapidly increasing housing costs in many high-income cities, and in Ireland’s path to economic development, from the 16th century through to today. You can find out more about my research either here or at my profiles on RePEc or Google Scholar. In addition, I am a Research Associate at the Spatial Economics Research Centre in LSE and author of the Reports on Ireland’s sale and rental housing markets. I am also Director of TRiSS, a Board member of the HEA, Honorary Secretary of SSISI, and on the organising committee of DEW.

I am an active contributor to the policy debate, especially on the topic of housing in Ireland. Many articles I’ve published in national newspapers or as commentaries for the Report are subsequently archived here. I am also engaged by a number of organisations each year, private and public, for public speaking or for bespoke consultancy. If that is of interest, please contact me. Students looking for materials relating to modules I teach should look for the relevant module on

With the Trinity Online Education team, I also run an online course in the Economics of the Property Market. The course is aimed both at professionals, including policymakers, who work day-to-day with housing but who may not have the economics background, and at the general public.