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Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

March 2011

Why don’t we just use Ireland’s $1 trillion of oil and gas? The trouble with trillions

A popular myth has emerged that Ireland is overflowing with oil and gas but is allowing foreign companies to get it for free. While Ireland probably does have about one trillion dollars worth of oil and gas off its shores, it is not as simple as just cashing it in. This post examines the facts behind Ireland’s oil and gas and outlines the three options open to the country. Read more

The MC Hammer approach: Ireland’s new Programme for Government

This post reviews the Programme for Government agreed by Ireland’s new coalition partners, across three headings. The first is the urgent problem of Ireland’s debt burden, the second is the more medium-term issue of the deficit, while the final heading covers the long-term issues of mortgage arrears and unemployment. While there are many things to be welcomed in the new Programme for Government, on these headings at least, there is an alarming lack of coherence and detail. Read more

Home thoughts to abroad: Three things the Irish election has made clear

Last week, Ireland had its most momentous election since 1932, when the Fianna Fail party that would dominate politics for 80 years was born. Aside from the politics, there are clear messages in the election. This post reviews, primarily for a non-Irish audience, two messages relating to Ireland’s debt burden – that voters do not want sovereign default but do not regard bank debt in that category – as well as the real underlying issues behind the voters’ choices. Read more