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Ireland’s property market – past, present and future

Over the past month, I’ve given a couple of talks on the Irish economy and the Irish property market in particular. While not exactly following the model of the “Single Transferable Speech” adopted by some, there was understandably – given the similar topics – a good deal of overlap between talks given to the public at the Central Dublin Library and an-EU sponsored conference on the Irish Economy in NUI Galway.

Both talks build on not only some of the academic research I’ve been doing recently but also material that only exists thanks to this blog and the feedback from readers, such as this post “Are we nearly there yet?“, comparing house prices now to their long-run level and to incomes and rents in Ireland since the 1970s.

A video of my talk in Galway is up on Vimeo here, while the slides are available both on Slideshare and on Scribd: both are embedded below also. All five sessions from the Galway conference are up on the Digital Revolutionaries Vimeo page. John McHale’s presentation contained a really neat graph with revisions to Ireland’s growth expectations by various bodies over the past 18 months, while Aidan Kane’s talk contains lots of fascinating information on Ireland’s historical debt issues, going waaaay back into the 1600s!

Ronan Lyons – The Irish property market from Digital Revolutionaries on Vimeo.

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