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The economics of flooding in Ireland

  • Eamonn Moran ,

    Great Article Ronan. I would imagine that the rental income (if not locked in in long term deals) from shopping centres that flood regularly as opposed to those that don’t would be very significant also.

    • Pidge ,

      Good article! I’d say that the actual discount for flooding that people apply is much lower in most cases.

      People wanting to live on or near a river is also affected by the state of Irish rivers, which – especially in Dublin – aren’t particularly pretty. They tend to have messy, dirty banks, and lots of bits of rubbish. I’d say that, along with the historical bias in building nicer houses away from rivers, would account for a large part of the lower prices you point to.

      If people have the information, I imagine that a history of flooding is a more pertinent number for them.

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