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Property Market

House price down 4.7% in the third quarter of 2009

This post goes through some of the findings from the latest Report, out this morning, which reviews trends up to the end of September. Optimists can point to falling stock for sale and quicker sale times in Dublin. Clear regional differences are now emerging in the house price adjustments, while sellers many counties also seem to engaging in a six month wait-and-see strategy. Read more

House prices in Cork: Rebel County by name, rebel county by nature!

This post continues the regional review of house prices with an analysis of four-bedroom homes in the different suburbs of Cork. It finds that Cork bucks the trend seen generally in the country and in Dublin and Galway cities that more expensive areas have fallen hardest. The largest falls in Cork have been in Glanmire. It then explores some of the likely explanations for these different regional trends. Read more

“Killiney mansions – get ’em while they’re cheap!” Tiered house prices in Ireland

Evidence from tiered house price indices in the US suggests that cheaper districts have fallen by more since the boom ended. In Ireland, however, the opposite appears to be the case, as this post discusses. Asking prices for four-beds in Killiney have fallen over 35% in just over a year. Looking at four areas, two high-end (Dublin 6 and Blackrock) and two first-time-buyer (Lucan and Balbriggan) over a longer period shows again that 2009 has taken its toll on the top end much more so than more affordable areas. Read more

Top end of the market hit the hardest as rents continue to fall

The latest Daft report was released this morning. It shows rents falling all around the country, good news no doubt for new and returning students. This post reviews some of the latest trends in the rental market, including the growing urban-rural divergence, the relative importance of confidence and affordability as factors determining rents, and the potential impact of over-construction on rents beyond the short term. Read more

The level of transactions in property and the emergence of regional property markets

The latest daft report shows that asking prices are now almost 25% below their 2007 peak but also shows regional differences, with prices in some areas falling twice as much as in others. This post explores the typical time a property spends on the market across the different parts of the country and the share of properties coming off the market in a particular month. Interesting regional trends emerge. Read more