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Rents hit their lowest level in a decade

  • Daft: Rents at lowest level in ten years - ,

    […] than just to keep up with rents. Daft economist talks about this NAMA aspect more on his blog: Rents hit their lowest level in a decade | Ronan Lyons Also has a chart on prices of various consumer goods from 2003 […]

    • Rents hit their lowest level in a decade | Ronan Lyons | Ireland today ,

      […] See the original post: Rents hit their lowest level in a decade | Ronan Lyons […]

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        […] Rents hit their lowest level in a decade – “The latest Daft report is out today, with a commentary by Charlie Larkin of Trinity College and the Swan Group. The report covers the rental market up to the end of October. The main finding is that rents are at their lowest level since the Daft index starts in 2002… […]

        • Senan ,

          What will the hostory books write about NAMA. I really hope it is a success as I feel the government is going to bulldoze it into being no matter what opposition or alternative. But I feel it won’t be as the points made by those economists that oppose it ring more true.

          As you say, yields look like being lower than estimated. Those estimates only happened a couple of months ago! Think what could happen over 10 years! I’m not confident of any government ‘predictions’.

          • Killian ,

            You mention in your article CSO data for rents. I am looking to source this information as raw data for from today as far back as possible. So basically average rent prices in Ireland over the years. Can anyone suggest where I find this. I cannot see it on CSO

            • Ronan Lyons ,

              Hi Killian,
              You can get data on rents going back to 1998 from CSO publications on the consumer price index, not in spreadsheet format unfortunately but in PDF which you can then transcribe.
              If you want to email me, I can send you what I have (email address is on my contact page).
              All the best,


              • Eamon Dundon ,

                Hi Killian,

                I am about to rent a small 520 sq.ft. office in Harolds Cross – just beside the canal bridge. I would like your comment on expected rental range (excluding service charges). Have I any hope?


                • Ronan Lyons ,

                  Hi Eamon,
                  You might have a look at Savills and CBRE who do reviews of the commercial rental market. I’ve heard rents are down by between 20% and 50% depending on what you’re looking for.

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