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Property Market

Rents stabilise during the first months of 2010

This post reviews the latest Daft Report, on the rental market in Q1 2010, released this morning. Overall, it finds that rents have been stabilising, particularly in the city areas. The market remains fragile, though, with the total number of properties available to rent outside the main cities well above the number of monthly transactions. The post finishes by looking at what’s happened the dishwasher premium over the course of the recession. Read more

EU scuppers “long-term economic value” as NAMA’s first tranche goes through

This post looks at the figures behind the first tranche of NAMA’s loans and whether they suggest that NAMA is driving a hard bargain for the taxpayer. It finds that the EU’s guidelines on discounting mean long-term economic value is ultimately lower than current value not higher. It also outlines how the first tranche of loans may be entirely unrepresentative of future tranches. Read more

A nation (of renters) once again? Revisiting rent or buy

This post takes five sample properties in Dublin and explores the rent-or-buy question. It first explains why potential first-time buyers should care about rents and shows how current yields in residential property compare with mortgage costs and yields at the height of the boom. It then examines the 25-year costs of renting or buying, before discussing some of the wider economic benefits of a nation of renters. Read more

Two charts on the stock of property for sale in Ireland

Has the new year brought a change in the property market headwinds? Will first-time buyers waiting in the wings find themselves missing out if they don’t move soon? This post looks at trends in the total stock sitting on the market in both apartments and houses, across Dublin, in the other major cities and in the rest of the country. It also estimates the percentage of all properties currently listed for sale in each segment Read more

Spotting the swallows – Ireland’s rental market in 2010

Ireland’s property market has had nothing but bad news for most of the past three years. This post reviews some of the data from the rental market during 2009, in particular comparing the stock on the rental market with the number of transactions it is processing. It finds evidence to believe rents will level off in Dublin and the other major cities in the next few months, although the outlook for smaller rental markets looks unchanged from a year ago. Read more