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Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

October 2009

Tax increases or spending cuts: is Ireland’s government too big?

With the Budget looming, a range of opinions are being aired about the relative importance of tax increases versus spending cuts. This post attempts to put Ireland’s public expenditure in perspective, by comparing the size of our Government, relative to the economy, with that of our European neighbours. It finds that Ireland’s government will, in all likelihood, be the largest in Europe in 2009. Read more

Is Ireland in a jobs recession or a jobs depression?

This post asks whether Ireland is in a recession or a depression, using the metric of jobs lost. It compares losses in Ireland with those in the US now and in the US during the Great Depression, and finds that – with almost one sixth of its private sector gone – Ireland is in indeed a jobs depression. Come the new year, it will be time for our jobs crisis to take centre stage as its cost to society is easily as large as NAMA or the public finances. Read more

House price down 4.7% in the third quarter of 2009

This post goes through some of the findings from the latest Report, out this morning, which reviews trends up to the end of September. Optimists can point to falling stock for sale and quicker sale times in Dublin. Clear regional differences are now emerging in the house price adjustments, while sellers many counties also seem to engaging in a six month wait-and-see strategy. Read more