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Future Focus, recession, Scotland and Cristiano Ronaldo

I’m speaking today at the Dublin Future Focus event. I also spoke last Thursday at the Edinburgh version of the same event. The series is being organised by the Daily Telegraph Business Club and IBM, is chaired by “historian of the future” James Bellini and has (economics graduate and) serial entrepreneur Richard Farleigh – of Rich List and Dragon’s Den fame – as the keynote speaker. The idea behind the series of events is to have a discussion with small and medium business about what the post-recession business world will look, in terms of economic realities and drivers but also looking at the range of information and communication technologies available to business – such as online social media.

If you’re interested in the talk I gave at Edinburgh, you can get a good idea of it through the slide deck below. Alternatively, you can watch a quick interview I gave on the day, which is also embedded here. Somewhat surprisingly, I managed to discuss economics, Twitter, Scotland and Cristiano Ronaldo in under 4 minutes!

I’ll be posting my Dublin presentation, which focuses a bit more on the economics of the online world, later in the week.

Future Focus Ronan Lyons Edinburgh 11 June

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