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Worrying about soft or hard landing misses the point

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Diazepam valium rezeptfrei. "We have nothing to be ashamed of: The people who are in White House and at the state level are actually taking our jobs and rights away from us," said Mikey Weinstein, president of Our Time Project, a New York based organization dedicated to electing more women public office within their own state, in an interview. The organization is Valium 10mg 60 $190.00 $3.17 $171.00 calling for a national "day of resistance" on February 17th, and has a list of demands that include supporting the Women's March on Washington, and promoting anti-misogynist candidates as the presidential and state level candidates. "My biggest hope is that we see these women running in their states' primaries and also running for U.S. Senate," Weinstein said. "A lot of people are now seeing where our candidate have been and seeing what their proposals are in light of what's going on in this country. And they are more receptive to these ideas than ever before." Our Time Project's initial list of demands includes more than 150 Democratic state and congressional elected officials pledging to support anti-misogynist candidates in the upcoming election. organization's initial list of demands includes more than 150 Democratic state and congressional elected officials pledging to support anti-misogynist candidates in the upcoming election. Though the list is long and comprehensive, Weinstein said that the White House and state level politicians are the ones who will truly have to step up. "[White House officials] would be wise not to sit idly by and allow this nonsense to go on in the White House so that we can have true reproductive rights in this country and that's been lost in the process of this agenda," he said. "The White House wants to talk about women's rights. Well the White House and can sit back the Congress and state legislatures can do what they want to do." A group of researchers have discovered an old English word that's been hiding in plain sight since its conception 2,500-something years ago. The word is derived from Sanskrit attitakarana (meaning 'to turn over'), according to a study published by the University of Washington. "One of the most exciting things about discovery is to have the word at last in English," said study co-author and in welchen ländern ist valium rezeptfrei University of Washington professor Sanskrit. [pullquote] "It's not a simple translation. But it's word we use all the time, it's in dictionary and we're glad to finally be able say valium in deutschland rezeptfrei 'attitaka' with a straight face. So, to that extent it feels like a kind of prize," says John Dittemore. Dittemore and his team of researchers at the University Washington say word was likely derived from the word attitakara, which means something like 'turn that over.' "At that time, we didn't have a word for what we now think of as a 'self turn,'" said Dittemore. "So it's likely that we were turning the same parts of our consciousness over." The research team worked on word in India. Their findings appear the journal Pramana. Dittemore, who said he is "more than excited" about the word turning himself over, was born in Mumbai, India to an American father and Indian mother. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington in 2005, the same year he began his PhD. He and his colleagues have been collecting language records and other evidence to piece together the origins of attitaka, and have discovered that it appears first in English during the Middle Ages, perhaps around 11th century. It then mysteriously disappeared from standard English use.
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