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Will the surge of properties on to the market push rents down?

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  • Sporthog ,

    Perhaps rents are rising as landlords are facing increasing costs i.e. insurance etc.

    In addition taxation on a loss is pushing landlords into a difficult corner, the only solution is to push up rents. This increases pressure on tennents, most undesirable during these times.

    While the Gross rental yield is a convienient metric when talking about property, for the property investor/landlord this metric is very misleading. Rising interest rates, some now around 6%, and a reduction in the number of costs which can be offset against profit means most landlords are barely surviving.

    A NET yield of maybe 1.5% would be a more realistic figure, if you are lucky.

    You would make more money on deposit and have less work and be on the hook for a lot less risk as well.

    • News 16/8/11 – Collapso – Tracking Irish property prices ,

      […] BOI to increases mortgage rate Bad Idea from NAMA Agents differ on Dr Doom’s dire warnings Sale of council homes down 90% Will the surge of properties push rents down? […]

      • Ronan Lyons ,

        Hi Sporthog,

        Thanks for that comment. I take your point about gross versus net yield – in fact, the reason I presented gross is precisely because one person’s net is not the same as another’s. In particular, when we talk about whether the property market is in equilibrium (as an asset market), the gross yield is the metric used because it is compared to things like mortgage borrowing rates and deposit savings rates, and whether there is a sufficient risk premium over those rates.


        • John Mack ,

          Sporthog makes an excellent comment.

          There’s no point in renting – with the increased costs – if you cannot make a fair return. If that is the case, and it continues, many larger single family homes will be turned into smaller to quite small multi-unit rentals, as has happened in the pas when economies and neighborhoods collapse. Converting to small multi-units tends to turn neighborhoods into slums, with poorly maintained properties.

          • Sporthog ,


            Your point about using a common metric to compare assets of different classes is well made. In addition your point about different investors having different costs is understood as well.

            What I find annoying is the disparity between theory and reality in this upside down economy.

            If a house in Firhouse was priced at 400K in 2006, a 80% drop in peak to trough would mean that house is worth 80K today.

            Does anybody seriously believe that they could buy a plot of land in Firhouse, build a 3 / 4 bedroom house (1300 sq foot) on it, and turn a profit for 80K? A double oven alone would nearly cost 800E.

            When Dublins first million punt house went on the market in 1998, a builder was asked is there really 1 million worth of materials in the building. The answer of course was no.

            Just as the price of property bore no relation to its actual material value during the boom, it also appears to be the case during the bust.

            Some properties now must be selling below cost to build them.

            • Yields or Bust ,


              Your point above in relation to the house ‘price’ in Firhouse is interesting and goes to prove why the property market is not a real market in the sense that it is primarily driven by the availability of credit. Without leverage/credit prices should in theory fall to where cash only buyers would be willing to buy and that
              price would make yield comparisons a lot more relevant than is currently perceived by the market and the lending banks.

              I have said it many times before but 98% of housing transactions would simply not occur without the aid of a lending bank. It is therefore the case that banks in fact largely price property because by their lending polices against them as security they say yeah or nah to the deal based on their own pricing metrics (most of which I believe are wrong). Those in control of the leverage in a leverage driven market control the prices.

              Given that the minimum falls one is likely to see in the current envirnoment is 66% from top to bottom its fair to say the banks have mispriced the asset class (their models have failed )when we know falls will in many parts of the country be significantly larger than 66%.

              Given this mispricing error why is there such an outcry obout debt forgiveness? The banks mis priced the asset class for a decade i.e. failed miserably to do their job and financed thousands upon thousands of additional properties which lie idle on the market ensuring prices have no prospect of revovery because 1. There simply is not enough cash only buyers 2. The banks cannot afford to lend because the crazy capital restrictions imposed upon them 3. Economic prospects are highly uncertain.

              In simple terms all whats required for the normal fuctioning housing market (odd as it is) is missing.

              Given this situation quite what the true cost of a house is, is really anyones guess. If the market has stopped and their is no demand then in theory no price is low enough so comparisons to land,material and labour costs are largely an academic exercise. The market doesn’t want additional supply no matter what the price – for now.

              Leave a comment