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House prices: bubbles versus booms

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  • Eoin Garvey ,

    Whether or not more houses can be built in Dublin, the sought after semi-d’s is not likely. Possibly the now out-of-work Irish property developers would have something to say about that though.
    When House Prices start to recover outside of the Capital, however, I think would interest many folk. My guess, late Q2-early Q3 2014. Maybe an option for your next article, Ronan?

    • JB Gaynor ,

      The arguement made is a valid one and based on fundamental economic principles. Unfortunately the laws of supply and demand are too often ignored in applying a realistic perception of the housing market. Low availability of credit is to some extent also an inhibitor of price increases and we are likely to see the Dublin/rest of country gap increasing as the Banks begin to see that the Dublin market is potentially a safer bet.

      • Kevin Timoney ,

        This is a very good summary of the differences – thanks Ronan. Most indicators of property and rental markets show there has been a lag for the market outside Dublin. The RPPI shows prices outside Dublin didn’t stop falling until about the first quarter of this year, while for Dublin prices this happened in about Q1 2012. The Dublin-Mayo comparison certainly points to an imbalance, but maybe it’s an outcome of the lag effect and can be washed out if you shift the Dublin series back by a year or so. Quite right though that this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about – a return to healthier supply both in credit and housebuilding would be welcome if demand is to be met.

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