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Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

September 2011

Is Ireland running out of cash buyers? Insights from another property fire-sale

Last week saw Ireland’s third property fire-sale. These auctions give a unique set of data-points for property market analysis. This post analyses the third auction, outlining the typical fall from the peak and the yield achieved, one of the most important metrics in the market. It also highlights some interesting trends comparing the auction results with those from previous auctions. Read more

A Budget 2012 proposal: make all income from the State taxable

The need to close Ireland’s deficit from €15bn to €4bn means that over coming years, €7bn in public sector expenditure will need to be cut. Social welfare payments – almost all of which are not means-tested – comprise one third of the €60bn in discretionary spending each year. This post outlines how to reform the system so that it is simpler and fairer, while generating €2bn in Exchequer savings. Read more

An unwanted experiment: a modern economy without banking

Banking and credit facilitate economic growth and are among the foundations of modern, post-Industrial Revolution economies. This post explores the implications of living in Ireland, a country without the ability to borrow, either as a household or as a small business. It also focuses on the potential of online trading and why the current perverse policy of Irish banks in that area must change. Read more

“Won’t somebody please think of the children?” – Banks, debt and Ireland in the 2050s

It’s become something of a cliché in Irish public discourse to worry out loud about the banking debt being left to our children and grandchildren. Should we worry about this, though? This post outlines the most likely scenario for just much of a burden Ireland’s banking debts are likely to be for our grandchildren, focusing in particular on the role of economic growth and inflation. Read more