Ronan Lyons | Personal Website
Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

May 2011

Ideas for building Property Market 3.0

This post looks at what foundation stones the Government should put in place to build the next generation of Ireland’s property market. It briefly reviews two that I’ve discussed before – the importance of a national house price register and a land value tax – before outlining two further proposals in more detail. A set-in-stone minimum deposit would greatly reduce the potential for policy to amplify bubbles, while banning variable rate mortgages would not only protect vulnerable households but also reduce the degree to which the economy is subject to ECB-induced recessions. Read more

The balance of economic power in 2050 – spot the odd ones out

With talk of a change in the global economic pecking order, particularly around the new IMF chief, this post takes a long look at the world economy. It contrasts the current shares of world output with those of five hundred and two thousand years ago. The lessons of history – and the weight of maths – hold valuable lessons for Europe, as it seeks to find a new role in the world economy. Read more

Just say “Non” – the facts on corporate tax rates in Europe

The talk about Ireland’s corporate tax rate, mostly by France, has not waned as Ireland pushes for more favourable terms on its mountain of debt accrued protecting European banks. This post examines cross-country data on the true rates of tax paid by companies in the eurozone. While Ireland’s rate of 12% is close to its headline and the Eurozone average of 14%, France’s rate is just 8%. This – and growing evidence that higher corporate taxes hamper investment and entrepreneurship – are two very solid reasons for Ireland to insist on maintaining its sovereignty. Read more

Back to basics: can Europe trade its way out of trouble?

This post reviews the most recent IMF World Economic Outlook, the benchmark outlook on the global economy. A three-tier world economy is emerging, with China and India leading the way, and advanced economies bringing up the rear. For countries with high debt and shrinking and ageing populations, export growth is the key. Looking at the last few and next few years in Europe, a gap has emerged between leading exporters, such as Germany & Ireland, and straggling exporters, predominantly in the Mediterranean. Read more