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How can Ireland tax and grow: a video discussion

Earlier this week, I posted about reforming Ireland’s tax system. I’ve now taken up a fortnightly slot on Wednesday evenings with – which has hosted a range of interesting discussions over the past few months – and last night, we discussed the points about tax reform I made in that post. The whole discussion takes about 45 minutes, the first part of which is here:

That dealt mainly with income tax. The discussion moved on to property tax – as well as touching on topics like corporation tax and SMEs – in the second segment, here:

The final topic was getting away from the short-to-medium term fixes that need to be made by 2015 – i.e. finding the €6bn in new tax revenue – and looking instead at what sort of system Ireland should be putting in place over the coming generation to ensure sustainability of public expenditure.

This final part touched on themes I’ll take up again in two weeks, when the topic will be public sector expenditure, rather than public sector receipts.

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