Ronan Lyons | Personal Website
Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

July 2010

NAMA figures point to 57% fall in property values: the good, bad and neutral news from Tranche 2

This post reviews the (scant) latest information from NAMA’s second tranche. It discusses the problems caused by Anglo’s omission from the figures NAMA gives, before estimating the likely true haircut for the first two tranches. It then calculates the total fall in property values implied by the ever-rising haircuts, before discussing some good news, bad news and neutral news from all this for the taxpayer. Read more

Falling house prices or not, Ireland needs a property tax

This post reviews the findings in the latest House Price Report, for Q2 2010, finding news for both optimists and pessimists in average prices and the level of transactions. The report’s commentary is by Jim Power, who discusses the need for a property tax. The remainder of the post reviews the arguments in favour of a property tax in Ireland and recommends the introduction of a land value tax. Read more