Ronan Lyons | Personal Website
Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

April 2010

India, the sleeping giant of urbanisation

This post explores the now freely available World Development Indicators, from the World Bank. In particular, it looks at urbanisation and the role for cities in development and creating wealth and well-being. Over the past 50 years, China in particular has urbanised fast. Over the next 50, India may be the centre of city growth. This presents development challenges but on balance is a huge opportunity. Read more

Irish people no better off now than during Black Death, and other stories

This post examines Fintan O’Toole’s claim that the bank bailout has reduced Irish people to serfdom. In particular, it challenges the notion that the bank bailout is Ireland’s biggest economic problem, by comparing it to the budget deficit (and the national debt). It also challenges the idea that Ireland has no economic future and gives five grounds for optimism about those “lucky enough” to work in Ireland over the coming decade. Read more