Ronan Lyons | Personal Website
Ronan Lyons | Personal Website

February 2010

We need to talk about Britain

With so much of the focus of the media and markets on Greece and its PIGS neighbours in the eurozone, one could easily forget that the UK will have the largest deficit in the EU this year and next. This post suggests that being outside the eurozone is a two-way street for the UK. The lack of restraint on its fiscal policy is already showing, with a simple index of government finance statistics placing the UK finances as the weakest of 24 developed countries. Read more

Two charts on the stock of property for sale in Ireland

Has the new year brought a change in the property market headwinds? Will first-time buyers waiting in the wings find themselves missing out if they don’t move soon? This post looks at trends in the total stock sitting on the market in both apartments and houses, across Dublin, in the other major cities and in the rest of the country. It also estimates the percentage of all properties currently listed for sale in each segment Read more