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China, the EU (Greece), the US and the economics of paying for news online

To my shame, my Recommended Reading section on the blog has fallen somewhat by the wayside of late. While I can’t promise I’ll fully rectify that overnight, I can do my bit here and now. Without further ado, here are ten articles on the world economy that I’ve found interesting in the last week:

  1. From the excellent VoxEU, an important step in understanding some of the massive implications of urbanisation and economic growth in emerging markets comes in a paper called ‘How Green is China?‘. Per capita emissions in China’s most polluted city are still just a fraction of what they are in the typical US city.
  2. Patrick Love, over on the OECD Insights Blog, gives some perspective on the development of Haiti, formerly the Jewel of the Antilles.
  3. Some mildly good news – recessions won’t drive up violent deaths that much, according to researched cited on the Irish Economy blog.
  4. Over at Reuters, Felix Sammon discusses the economics of the New York Times’ generally much-discussed introduction of a paywall. It leads him to discuss the concept of bundling, itself closely related to price discrimination, for example in the digital TV market, as per the commentator a couple of days ago.
  5. Today, an Englishman, an Irishman and a South African had an exchange of views about which major currency has the best/worst long-term prospects, largely on the back of developments in relation to the Greek economy. None of us, however, thoguht to mention the Canadian and Australian dollars!
  6. Mark Perry is always good for a provocative post – he doesn’t disappoint on the EU-vs-US debate that seems to have risen, unprompted, in the past couple of weeks, as the successor to the Sachs-Easterly-Collier debate that raged among economists last summer. I have a whole host of reasons I disagree with him, but that’s the subject for a full blog-post in itself (makes note on to-do list).
  7. On a completely unrelated topic, Tim Harford, the Undercover Economist has a nice short explanation of heavy traffic on Mondays and rainy days.
  8. The Conference Board is one of the world’s premier sources for data on productivity. Their latest report on productivity shows the strong gains in emerging markets, some the WSJ views as an economic threat.
  9. All this talk of emerging markets and China – what with its booming economy at the moment, is China headed for a crash?
  10. And all this talk of productivity and competitiveness… I talked a couple of weeks ago about the 2010 Lisbon Strategy adopted by the EU almost 10 years ago, designed to make the EU the most competitive economy in the world by now. Charles Wyplosz argues it’s time for a new model of competitiveness for the EU.

And a non-economics link to boot: it turns out “status updates” are at least a hundred years old!

  • Joseph ,

    I wish you had posted that article on paywalls BEFORE my exams last week! It would have made a great answer to one of the questions 🙂

    • Ronan Lyons ,

      Apologies although the real culprit is Felix Sammon – perhaps the reason he only wrote it just a couple of days ago is because he too had the same exam!


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