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From property taxes to Ireland in 2020 – a foray into vlogs

I met up with Karl Deeter last week and we tried our hand at a bit of a video-blog or vlog. The whole thing is available on YouTube and I’ve embedded it below also – I’m not sure how we made it up to 7 videos! – but for those looking to be a bit more selective, underneath the video, there’s a breakdown of what we talked about and when.

We started out with a chat about property tax, before discussing taxes generally and how best to raise funds and allocate public resources such as water, carbon and roads. We then broadened our discussion to the economy generally and the likely political acceptability of the changes we felt we needed, before I decided we might as well hang ourselves by making predictions about population, unemployment and output per head for Ireland for 2020! (I even strayed into predicting the typical year for IDA Ireland in 2020: 500 projects averaging 50 jobs each.) Just so you know, here were our predictions for population, unemployment and output per capita:

  • Karl: a population of 6 million, unemployment of about 5% and output per capita of $60,000
  • Ronan: a population of 4.4 million, unemployment of 7.5% and output per capita of $47,500

After that, we went out on to the streets and, a la Total Exposure, tried our hand at doing a Vox Pop on popular opinion about the economy and where the country is going. Our interviewees include a student just completed her Leaving Cert, a man whose sons have left for Australia and who’s considered upping sticks to Tenerife himself, and “Mr. Rude”, a very pleasant soon-to-be-emigrated fashion graduate.


For those who’d prefer a quick read instead of a video, you can check out my article in last Sunday’s Independent, based on research posted here on my blog, about Irish openness and exports being our saviour rather than our curse, in the global recession.

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