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Menus, NIMBYs and a maximum wage: Reactions to An Bord Snip Nua

  • Ciaran Daly ,

    Good post as usual,

    1. Your pie chart shows the pie on the left accounting for social spending, this sort of implies a lot of this spending is for direct social provision when we know a lot of it is actually for the public sector wage bill.

    2. Most of the cuts mentioned in the report such as staff cuts cannot deliver savings quickly even if redundancies happen tomorrow, therefore surely much bigger cuts are going to occur to wage rates and social welfare in the autumn than people realise, which is a good thing.

    • kevin denny ,

      For another example of V Browne’s fiscal insight see his column in the IT today (22/July). He somehow thinks that people not buying new cars is an alternative to the government implementing the ABSN report. Go figure! The sheer stupidity of some people is hard to fathom.

      • Donal O'Brolchain ,

        I admire the use of the images to summarise what may be the perceptions of those who have commented on ABSN.
        Do you have any empirical evidence for your left-hand pie-chart eg. survey results?
        Perhaps the question has been asked in the many opinion-poll surveys that take place, but the results have not been released.
        If the question has not been asked, it is definitely one that should be commissioned.

        • Ronan Lyons ,

          Donal, very fair question. No evidence that I could find, although the response to my income tax quiz suggests it may be easier to collect info on these kinds of perceptions than I had thought.

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