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An Bord Snip Nua – who is paying most?

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Adipex prescription diet pills online in Mexico since he learned 2016 that the pills could be abused in that country and he was going to be prosecuted in case he brought them across the border. Authorities arrested him in November 2016. At that time, he had been in Mexico for 11 years. After two hours of questioning, federal agents presented an 18-page indictment against Chávez. It charged him with drug conspiracy, firearms trafficking and violation of the country's anti-drug laws. Officials said he would spend the next three years in prison. Then the wheels fell off. At a hearing on Dec. 1, Chávez said he didn't have the money needed to pay his $100,000 bail. The hearing was rescheduled for Dec. 22. This past March, Chávez filed another motion asking a judge to set his bail again. But the hearing on that motion is set for Nov. 25 and Judge Robert Anderson this past June ordered Chávez released. now lives in San Diego, California. By January, Chávez's attorney, Brian J. Williams of Tucson, filed a motion asking that his client — a graduate student studying medicine — get some legal help. That attorney, Thomas L. Cooney, said Chávez has no family in Honduras and job. He said at various times in recent months, Chávez has been receiving visits from family members and friends that are limited to sporadic telephone calls and short, curt messages in which Chávez asks those around him for help because he is in extreme emotional crisis. The appeals court granted Cooney's request a month after it heard arguments over the appeal. Cooney said Chávez's situation is unique but the ruling won't make an impact on the thousands of U.S. citizens living in the criminal justice system — including undocumented immigrants as long there is one other U.S. citizen to represent them. "Those who are detained — there's always two people representing them in court," said Cooney, a native of the Dominican Republic who grew up in the Philadelphia area. "(The ruling can) help or it won't. I'm hoping helps." Chávez's detention and his ability to continue the case are just latest twist in what is becoming a troubling story of alleged misconduct in a large deportation case involving both Mexican and U.S. authorities. Since December 2015, federal immigration agents in San Ysidro, California have been seeking Chávez and several relatives who are in the country illegally, along with at least 10 others living in the city. Before that time, Chávez said, he took two months' leave — and then another two months before continuing his studies at CIMB and working toward a medical degree while in the U.S. Chávez has a degree in journalism from CIMB, earning a GPA of 3.7 and grade point average in his freshman year. junior year, he earned a 2.8 GPA and finished second in his class CIMB's journalism class, according to an article in a local Adipex diet pills prescription newspaper that Chávez published in English. More: San Diego federal judge upholds deportation order for migrant accused of helping others escape prison Sanford officials say they'll adipex online pharmacy diet pills be taking another look at immigration case of former college student San Jose police officer charged with assault after fight woman driving drunk In-between classes and research, Chávez worked as a taxi driver. On his Facebook page, he posted pictures of himself lounging at cafes, and cheap adipex pill his Facebook profile stated he did a yearlong photography internship for Mexican magazine in San Diego. his interviews, he indicated is a Mexican citizen, using the word for "citizen" — "comitado." By Facebook, Chávez said he is a permanent resident of Mexico. His Facebook page lists profession as "medical illustrator." His wife told The San Diego Union-Tribune in September, while talking about Chávez, that she was born in Mexico City and her husband was born in Honduras. her book about family, written in Spanish and 2013, Chávez's daughter, Maria Chávez, said her mother arrived in San Diego 1999 when she was six. wrote about how she was forced to remain in Honduras for months, to avoid deportation, with family members begging her relatives in Mexico City to help. At one point, she wrote, her mother told her: "We can't do anything, but please don't let the (immigration authorities) know she's here, or anything bad will happen to you." As part of a recent review immigration cases of the city, San Jose and Los Angeles, SBI officials said Monday that they looked at reports about the case but found no corroborating evidence to show that Chávez harmed anyone in San Diego or California, harmed a U.S. citizen while crossing the border. But, they said, they're continuing to examine the case of Ch.

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  • Irish Election » An Bord Snip: Social and Family Affairs ,

    […] as the focus has basically been on cutting benefits and little else. Ironically, as Ronan Lyons has noted, the DoSFA is “the only Department whose spending looks set to increase no matter what, due to […]

    • Michael O'Shea ,

      It would be nice to see some comparative analysis of:
      (1) Ministers and T.D.’s salaries and expenses compared with those of Finland, a country of similar population and similar, if better founded aspirations,

      (2) a comparison of % increases in basic social welfare payments with benchmarked civil servants incomes over the last 10 years.

      • kevin denny ,

        Interesting exercise but…I think it has the wrong focus. The money that is being spent is the taxpayers not the Departments’ and the analysis here suggests a “some departments are paying more than their share” line. Oh no they ain’t. The spending cuts & re-structuring that goes with it needs to be evaluated on its merits and ONLY on its merits. So I think it is irrelevant, even unhelpful, to say that it is X% of some department’s budget & Y% of somebody else’s. Departments are simply administrative entities that are convenient to have – to a greater or lesser extent. Various functions (such as STI) could be in Enterprise or in Education. The only interesting policy questions are what is done & how much it costs & not whats on the letterhead.
        One valuable contribution of the McCarthy report (which will probably be overlooked in all the hysteria) is to try rationalize the allocation of functions across different entities and indeed the existence of some of these entities- the suggested abolition of the NUI is a prime example.

        • Ronan Lyons ,

          Hi Kevin,
          You’re absolutely right in one sense, department name is not important, it’s the function that the Department is supposed to represent I was focusing on. Something I hope to draw out when I’ve had more time looking at the figures is to what extent we have a different nature of government now compared to say 2006 or 2002.
          The relatively small burden of cuts in Health and Education suggests that we may be turning our government away from regulation and other functions and into a giant service provider. There are lines put through many programmes with a simple “because of the state of the finances” – if these programmes offered nothing anyway, why were they formed in the first place and if they offer something valuable, why are they being cut?
          I think the huge problem with the McCarthy report on reflection is that they were told: Look only at the cost and not at the value – oh, and don’t look at the biggest cost, public sector pay rates!

          • kevin denny ,

            Thats a fair point. Given that nobody knows what the value of most public expenditure programs (& one can’t find these things out in a hurry) what were these guys to do? What would you do? First of all, to a large extent its a numbers game: cutting expenditure on, say, the Gaeltacht won’t save much because not much is spent there. But a lot of small cuts add up so you do what you can. Then you take the big ticket items (social welfare,health etc). This is where the serious money is but there is no point in saying cut welfare payments by 15% so..5% seems reasonable given deflation.
            Interestingly, I saw today that the report cost €38k to produce ( I think that this was the sum total). Extraordinary value for money when you think about how much you have to pay SC’s just to get out of bed.

            • Irish Arts €782m Profit Making Machine? | Diddlyi Mag ,

              […] across their departments, including support for the arts. Colm McCarthy’s recent ‘Bord Snip Nua‘ document adopted a non-emotional method of highlighting areas where money could be saved in […]

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