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  • Will ,

    Hi Ronan –

    Yes, they are both great Economists with fantastic blogs and both are personally likeable.
    Indeed I agree with Ger on a wide range of issues BUT (here is the crucial caveat that you neglect to mention)………………

    Both Constantin Gurdgiev and Ger O’ Neill are unapologetically at the extreme right of the economic & political spectrum.

    Ireland’s very own neo-conservative one could say 🙂
    I suspect that both have shrines in their bedrooms to Maggie Thatcher, Milton Friedman,Alan Greenspan,Ronald Regan,Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand and Augusto Pinochet

    With the catastrophic global collapse of neo-liberal capitalism and the disastrous legacy of Milton Friedman,supply side polices are revealed for all to see.
    Their viewpoint of the world is increasingly outmoded and has been utterly discredited and you would think these two chaps would at least re-evaluate their own positions and eat some humble pie but no, these two continue too cheerlead the worst aspects of neo-liberalism as if the past two years never happened.

    Increasingly today, it is more left-leaning Economists like Dean Baker, Paul Krugman and the Nobel Laureate Joe Stieglitz that are gaining traction and whose credibility remains untarnished and whose Keynesian analysis is worth more careful consideration.
    So Ronan, for the sake of balance do you have any say Marxist Economists that you can recommend 🙂 ?

    In the meantime both Ger and Constatin’s blogs are an excellent contribution to the blogosphere in Ireland as they effortlessly weave a rich tapestry of ideas and both clearly are gifted & highly knowledgeable economists who can sift through the numbers and vast swathes of economic data and they are certainly worth subscribing to.

    • Ronan Lyons ,

      Hi Will, thanks for the comment. I’ll try my best to balance it out in a future post!
      One thing I would note is that there are plenty of people out there with the exact opposite opinion, who see what’s happening as anything but the collapse of neo-liberal capitalism and who would not view Joe Stiglitz as a man with untarnished credibility!

      Leave a comment